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Youth in Mexico Robbed, Raped and Beaten at a Christian Camp

BREAKING NEWS: Mexico Armed Group Attacks Christian Youth Camp

ICC News:

It is still unclear if this recent attack, where 90 Christian youth are still recovering from robberies, beating and rape, happened because the youth are Christians. However, “Devoted Christians have often been singled out for attacks by violent groups in the country for a variety of reasons…” The police, known in Mexico for corruption, are still investigating and no arrests have been made.

07/15/2012 Mexico (BosNewsLife)- Some 90 Christian youngsters were recovering Sunday, July 15, after a dozen armed men went on an hours-long rampage of beatings, robberies and rape, at a church youth camp on the outskirts of Mexico City, authorities said Sunday, July 15.

Seven girls were raped during the Friday, July 13, violence and several campers were beaten, said the state prosecutors office in the State of Mexico, which surrounds the Mexican capital.

The armed group was also stealing phones and jewelry from the campers at the youth camp of the Chains of the Holy Trinity church group at an eco-park near Mexico City, a hilly area that is close to the lower flanks of the Popocatepetl Volcano,   according to investigators

Friday's attack against the young Christians, who gathered for Bible study and prayer, happened in an area that was supposed to be patrolled by local police, but reports said the violence began at night and it was unclear whether officers were on duty at the time.


Police only found out about the crimes when an adult organizer of the camp-out showed up at police offices to report the attack, news reports said.

In a statement, the state government stressed however that it had "witness' descriptions of the attackers" and pledged "to catch and punish" those responsible.

No arrests were reported Sunday, July 15, at a time of concerns over corruption within police and judicial systems.

Devoted Christians have often been singled out for attacks by violent groups in the country for a variety of reasons, according to church groups and Christian rights investigators.

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