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A Blanket Opens the Door for the Gospel

ICC missionaries distributed over 400 blankets, praying that as they gave them people’s hearts would be softened to listen and respond to the Gospel.  The missionaries said, “This programme worked wonderfully and many back sliding families return back to church and some non-Christian families shown interest and started to attend regular meetings.”

Here are some testimonies:

“They never used to look at me!”

“I gladly took the precious gifts to the community.  I had taken to the families whom I know and I am sure that they would accept that gift.  So the families accepted the gift of a blanket.  The families are surprised to receive a gift from me.  From then on the families are wishing me [well] whenever they see me in the streets.  Those families before never used to look at me!” 

“Jesus was a gift to all humanity.”

“I have found a highly respected old person in our community and many times I tried to share gospel with him but he never allowed me.  This time I told him that I have a present for him and he accepted that gift of [a] blanket and asked me why I was giving him the gift and I told him that Jesus was gift to all humanity, I have [Jesus] as gift from God and I want to share that gift along with this small gift.”

“I believe the Lord’s goodness will open doors for the Gospel.”

“In our community I found couple of elderly women who are very influential in conducting heathen rituals.  I invited them for [an] evening snack and offered them these blankets and they felt very respected and they were very happy to have blankets.  They said they would be interested [for] my family to visit them once in a while.  I have been in the community for many years but I never had someone invited me to their house or community.  I believe that Lords goodness will open the doors for Gospel.”

“The couple…[was] very happy that I as a Christian priest [gave] them a gift.”

“One family invited us for their son’s marriage, I never prefer to go to any non-Christian marriage because I felt those rituals are heathen.  But this time I went with this gift in my hand and I have presented to the new couple. The couple and their parents were very happy that I, as Christian pries,t [gave] them a gift.  Couple of days later I was able to have very good conversation with family and in future I will look for opportunity to share Gospel with them.” 

“They were suspicious [of] me…”

“I have given this blanket to a mother who has [recently] given birth to a child.  They are suspicious about me, why I wanted to visit them.  So I told them that I wanted to share their joy and wanted to bless them.  I gave them the blanket and they gladly accepted the gift for their new born child in the family. “


To help fund missionaries like this, allowing them a tangible way to minister to the needy, please donate today and designate your gift to “Underground Pastors.”

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ICC is constantly monitoring the state of Christian persecution in countries around the world and looking for ways that we can act as bridge between our supporters and the persecuted church. Beyond the projects you see above, we are working in many other areas to provide practical assistance to our brothers and sisters in Christ. View our other projects page to understand more of our work and keep up to date on our current projects.