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Ariz. Preacher Sentenced To Jail After Building Church In Backyard

06/22/2012 United States (The Christian Post) - Arizona preacher Michael Salman was sentenced to jail for building what the City of Phoenix claims he has been representing as a church on his home property without securing the proper permits. Salman claims the building is not a church and is simply for private Bible study gatherings.

Salman's case, which started in 2007, reached its conclusion this week when a Phoenix court ruled that he was guilty of more than five dozen violations in constructing the building and sentenced him to 60 days in jail and three years of probation.

The preacher, whose ministry is called Harvest Christian Fellowship, claims he was exercising his religious liberty by worshiping at home on his private property, and that his gatherings were no different than when people hold Super Bowl or Christmas parties.

"You're taking a man out of society and sticking him in jail for worshiping at his home," he told a local news station.

The issue with Salman's case was a building in his backyard, which the City said he constructed without abiding by legal codes and safety standards. The building, reportedly used for weekly gatherings of about 30 to 40 people, has a pulpit and chairs. The building, located on his 1.5-acre property, is about 2,000 square feet and was previously labeled a "game room" by Salman but organized on the inside for worship services.


A California couple experienced a similar situation last year when the City of San Juan Capistrano fined them for holding Bible studies and religious gatherings in their home. Neighbors had complained that the meetings often attracted dozens of people, dozens of vehicles and too much noise. Chuck and Stephanie Fromm were fined $300 for what city officials said was a violation of a municipal code that makes it illegal for religious, fraternal or nonprofit" organizations in residential neighborhoods to hold such gatherings without a conditional-use permit.

Salman says his Harvest Christian Fellowship is "dedicated in preaching the Gospel in the streets, helping the needy and strengthening the saints."

In an effort to shore up support, the Salmans have launched an online petition on Change.org directed to the "Mayor and City Council" of Phoenix. So far, only 93 visitors have signed the petition, which needs 100,000 supporters.


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