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Testimonies from Our Satellite Gospel Broadcasts

ICC-supported satellite television and radio is sharing the love of Christ to Muslims throughout the Islamic world. Here are a few responses we received from former Muslims who have been transformed by the Gospel this year through this important ministry.

“Your episodes have answered all the questions that I had and I was able to accept the Lord as my personal Savior.”

-          Saiida from Morocco

“Your shows have awakened me from the biggest nightmare in my life.”

-           Anwar from Tunisia. Anwar’s wife also decided to follow Christ.

“I left the darkness of Islam and came to the light of the Lord Jesus.  Even though my life is threatened and my husband has thrown me away and does not support me financially, in spite of all my problems I am facing after coming to Christ, my life is full of joy because I belong to Jesus and I am God’s daughter.”

-          Anonymous woman from Egypt

“After searching, now I know Christ and I am happy of the change he has done in my life.  God accepted me as I am and I am very happy.  Thank you.”

-          Adham from Egypt

“Your shows gave me lots of information about Islam to make me decide to leave it then provided me with enough information to lead me to accept the Lord as my savior.  I also was baptized and I thank God for your shows that showed me God’s way.”

-          Magdi (country unknown)

Click here if you would like to know more about our satellite broadcasts and how you can donate to that fund.


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  • Daniel Biruk

    I Have been doing some apologetic works. That is ,By showing the Quran is not the word of God and giving Responses to false charges against the Bible.I did this by distributing booklets.But in areas where Muslims do not talk Propaganda ,I simply tell about Jesus and try to win them for christ. I want to Preach the gospel Through TV and Radio In Amharic. Let me Know If you Can help me to use yours , Please.
    Daniel Biruk ,
    from Ethiopia-Addis Ababa.
    My E-mail ;Kdanielbiruk@yahoo.com

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