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The spread of Christianity in Afghanistan

ICC Note:

Mohabat News reports on the growth of the Afghan church.

3/27/2012 Afghanistan (Mohabat News) – Afghanistan, a country suffering from longstanding civil wars, has not seen the face of peace for a long period of time. Continuous bombings by fundamentalist Muslims have stolen peace from lives of Afghanis. However, more recently the country has been seeing some improvement in its situation and among its youth.

Today, a society in which people grow up in families with extremist ideas is facing a deep evolution in religious faiths. Informed Afghan authorities acknowledge that Christianity has obtained a special place not only among youth, but also among various layers in society and house churches are growing tremendously. An independent Shi'ite website in Iran has quoted a knowledgeable Afghan official as saying, "there is evidence of widespread Christian propaganda in Afghanistan and the existence of more than 10 churches that operate secretly in residential houses have been proven."

In the past, a large number of biased reports and news have been published by Islamic Republic dependent media, trying to make Afghan rulers and politicians pessimistic towards American soldiers or organizations and foundations providing aid and services in Afghanistan and to convince them that the ultimate purpose of all these services is to spread Christianity.

At the same time, Human Rights advocacy groups are concerned that reducing the power of the U.S. in Afghanistan will result in the growth of religious based violations and Islamic persecution of religious minorities, especially Christians. It is even possible that Taliban forces would openly declare war against Christians.

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