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ICC, Ethiopia Community To Hold Another Demonstration Demanding Saudis Release Ethiopian Christian Prisoners

ICC, Ethiopian Community To Hold Another Demonstration Demanding

Saudis Release Ethiopian Christian Prisoners

Washington, D.C. (March 19, 2012) – International Christian Concern (ICC) and the Ethiopian community in Washington D.C. will be holding another public protest demanding Saudi Arabia release 35 Ethiopian Christians arrested for praying at a private home on December 15. The protest will be held March 26, at 11 a.m. in front of the Saudi Arabian Embassy located at 601 New Hampshire Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C. 20037.

The Saudis put us in the same cells with convicted murders. The convicted murders could hurt us and we are concerned about our safety. Please continue pressuring the Saudis to release us,” said one of the prisoners, speaking to ICC from Briman jail in Jeddah.

The prisoners have not yet been formally charged with any crime. The Saudi officials have referred to the Christians as ‘non-believers’ and ‘animals’ during interrogations.

The Saudi Embassy and the Saudi government are not taking our demands seriously. Instead of releasing the innocent Ethiopians, the government of Saudi Arabia is providing us with different excuses to continue to keep them in jail,” said Kebadu Belachew, an Ethiopian-American human rights activist and one of the organizers of the rally.

ICC’s Jonathan Racho said, “The prisoners are telling us that their situation is getting worse due to lack of proper medical attention and healthy food. It is outrageous that the government of Saudi Arabia holds the Christians indefinitely. We urge our supporters to join us in the protest. We must put pressure on the Saudis to release the prisoners.”

Please sign this petition asking the Saudi Arabian government to release the Christian prisoners.

Call the Saudi Arabian Embassy in your country and ask them to release the prisoners.

United States: (+1) 202 342 3800

Canada: (+1) 613 237 4100

United Kingdom: (+44) 207 9173-000

Australia: (+61) 2 6250 7000

Germany: (+49) 30 88 92 50

France: (+33) 1 56 79 4000


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  • Vivienne Henderson

    Their faith is indeed being tested I would say.  Judging cell mates as murderers?  Let he who is without sin cast the first stone...  Jesus Christ walked among the worst of humans and taught of forgiveness.

    We cannot see the big picture here.  Personally, I believe the Saudis are wrong to hold these people.

  • Karen Hansen

    (@ Vivienne Henderson: Apparently some of their cell mates are murderers.  It is not a judgment but a fact.) We all need to uphold these Ethiopians in prayer.  We need to pray that their spirits will remain positive and their faith in God strengthened.  ANd of course, we need to pray earnestly for their quick release. 

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RD3KSW6HF35U6DDTEU7NIG32BM Wossene

    My prayer goes out to the 29th women and 6 men in prison. May God's glory cover you while you are being mistreated for christ.

    I belive this will bring glory to the name of God and minister to a nation that is anti Christ !!!

  • Lily

    My prayer goes out to all the christians in the world that God may help them while they preach the name of God to counrties that are anti Christ. 

  • Eddie

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    my personal e-mail id is mirchoo@yahoo.com.I am waiting for your quick responce.


    Eddie Adnan

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