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Christian Teacher Accused Of Blasphemy In Lahore

Christian Teacher Accused Of BlasphemyIn Lahore

A mob stormed the school where Saira Khokhar teaches in an attempt to abduct her after she was accused of burning a copy of the Qur'an. Little is known of the affair, but police had to take the woman into custody even though no formal charges have yet been laid. Paul Bhatti and other Christian activists have come to her defence.

By Jibran Khan

02/23/2012 Pakistan (AsiaNews)-After Asia Bibi, another Christian woman has been targeted by Muslim fundamentalists because of allegations of blasphemy. Saira Khokhar, who teaches at the City Foundation School in Lahore, is accused of burning a copy of the Qur'an. However, the case is still shrouded in mystery.

Police took Ms Khokhar into custody and launched an informal investigation. No First Information Report (FIR) has been filed yet, but Christian activists and organisation along with the special adviser to the prime minister on minority affairs, Paul Bhatti, are closely monitoring developments to ensure her safety and rights.

Local sources told AsiaNews that at 9 am a mob from a village not far from the school burst into the building accusing Saira Khokhar of burning Islam's holy book. The school is run by a Christian NGO, City Foundation. The attackers seized the woman but police prevented them from taking her away.

The local police chief took the Christian teacher into custody to examine whether the case warranted a First Information Report.

Representatives from human rights associations, the Masihi Foundation, the All Pakistan Minorities Alliance (APMA) and Life for All came to her rescue. Paul Bhatti, brother of Catholic Minority Affairs Minister Shabbaz Bhatti who was slain by extremists on 2 March 2011 for his opposition to the country's 'black law', also came to her defence.


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  • Khalidgillapma

    We will continue the struggle for minority rights as per vision and mission of Marty re Shahbaz Bhatti  under the leadership of Dr. Paul Bhatti, Chairman APMA and committed till success or martyrdom. Khalid Gill APMA 

  • Leslie Derek

    really sad news.. blasphemy law must not be a law. blasphemy is totally a dumb law. we humans are no one to judge any one faith or to impose these rituals, faiths on other by persecuting them. if someone has said something against God or His Prophet,its is between him/her and God. He will judge them..

      all the fake peace promoting people have animal inside them who wait for the opportunity to torn someone else for some reason. these inhumane are actually promoting war in the name peace. may God change their minds.

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