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Protest At Saudi Arabian Embassy In Washington DC To Demand Saudis To Release Ethiopian Christians

Free Ethiopians – Protest At Saudi Embassy In Washington DC

We demand Saudi Arabia to immediately release the illegally detained Ethiopians citizens!

02/15/2012 The United States (Ethiopian Review)-Ethiopian-Americans and friends of Ethiopia are organizing a protest outside the Saudi Arabia Embassy in Washington DC on Feb. 21, 2012. The purpose of the Protest is to demand the release of Ethiopians who are unjustly detained by the Saudi Arabia Government. Thirty Five Ethiopians — 6 men and 29 women — remain in jail under inhumane conditions since December 15th 2012.

The protesters condemn the unjust incarceration of these Ethiopian Christians who are arrested for praying in their own homes, and call on the Government of Saudi Arabia to respect their rights and to release them immediately.

The Protest will take place in front of the Saudi Arabia Embassy in Washington DC on Tuesday Feb 21, 2012 starting 1t 10:00 AM.

The Protest is organized by collaboration of Ethiopian human right activists living in Washington DC area.

For more information please contact:

Mr. Jonathan Racho at (240) 551 – 7870 or jonathan@persecution.org

Mr. Kebadu Belachew at (703) 216 – 8459 or kebadu@gmail.com

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  • Samuel Alemayehu

    when the followers of Prophet Mahomed came to Ethiopia to hide from their prosecutors they were treated not as a stranger and somebody who brought a religion which is not known in Ethiopia. They were given shelters, food and protection until they left the country on their own. It is really an

    embarrassment to the people who treat them that way. God Bleas Ethiopia, and we will continue as good we are. 

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