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Sign Our Petition for the Release of Imprisoned Ethiopian Christians in Saudi Arabia

We've been closely monitoring the imprisonment of a group of Christians in Saudi Arabia. The women were strip-searched and the men were brutally assaulted after holding a prayer meeting. We last talked to one of the prisoners today and he had this to say, "We want you to help us to get out of prison in every way you can, including prayer. Please tell your governments about our plight, contact human rights organizations and others and inform them about us." We can do something to help our fellow brothers and sisters facing this persecution. Their human rights have been violated and are being wrongly persecuted for practicing their faith. Please pray for them, for their health, and for a speedy release from their imprisonment. You can sign our petition to the Saudi Ambassador for the quick release of the prisoners. You can also call the Saudi Arabia Embassy in the United States at (+1) 202 342 3800. Thank you for your prayers and action. We will keep you posted with any further updates we receive.

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  • Hjone

    All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for
    doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in
    righteousness:That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished
    unto all good works. 2Tim 3:16-17

  • aregashe

    we need our brothers & sisters to be realsed from prision .

  • Tsehay

     Please allow our Brothers and Sisters to be set FREE and to be Reunited with their Family!!Out of prisons,we want them to be FREE!!!!

  • Girwesson

    Please realised our brothers and sisters from the prison. They have right to call the name of God being alone or together. They must be free.

  • Mohd33

    Please release them immediately. They have done nothing wrong. 

  • Addis

    please release our brothers & sisters, they have done nothing wrong. 

  • obills

    free them

  • Brook kifle

    just for get together and praising God should  not be consider as crime; arrest and deport refuges to their homeland is really very outrage please release those innocents.

  • Dirgie

    please by the name of GOD any one who have capacity to release help them!!!!
     i can only prey to GOD to help them& st. virgin merry  

  • Alem

    Please release our folks, for how long are you going to poison
    them? My other question is Saudi Arabia is number one helper to build Mosques
    another country; on the other hand, Saudi is number one Christians persecutor. For
    how long are they going to do this evil? Rerelease all the Ethiopian Christians
    as well as all your Christian prisoners. The UN should do something such kind
    of unfair progress by the Saudi gov. PLEASE, RELEASE THE ETHIOPIAN CHRISTIANS.

  • Weldemhret welday

    there is a lot of humanity violations in the Arab countries.please nobody can see and solve for the problem!!

  • lula tesfaye

    please release them for the sack of God and Alah

    Lula Tesfaye

  • geby

    please be kind they are your brothers and sisters i don't thing Alah told us to hate people
    please please 

  • Oytisa

    please make them free.fear the supernatural power and not put them in torture.  

  • solomon

    please release them from  prison!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tadesse_asfaw

    Please please please RELEASE our sisters & brothers rightnow/

  • Bezutato

    God will pay you back for all of this, We shall see 

  • Chirstian!

    This is the 21st century! God is a democrat not a dictator, anyone should be able to practice their religion, your people's are everywhere, i suppose they should be abused the way you abuse our people is that so? Don't do to others what you don't expect them to do to you! This is the basic law of humans, however one thing makes me happy! GOD HAS LOOKED AT THIS! THE GOD OF CHRISTIANS WILL NOT KEEP SILENT! BELIEVE IT OR NOT! 


    Why u saying pls to them .ask them to release.Just pray don't beg them.

  • Wosagnesew

    dont forget there are also plenty of muslims in our land

  • Alem

    Of course, there are plenty Muslims in Ethiopia. However, no
    one is bothering them because of they are Muslims. It is their land. No one
    attacked them because they are Muslims. They are a part of Ethiopia. I expect
    them to be angry when their people hurt for their faith. Muslims are equally
    Ethiopians in the land similar with the other religion members. I never see, or
    heard someone because of his/her Muslim religion discriminated in Ethiopia. I
    have very good Muslim friends more than member of my Christian group does.

  • Muse

    please release them do you know what says ´Nebiyu Mohammed´ about Ethiopia read it.

  • Afanta

    It is not fair, in 201 centry  this actions  done. the world servece  of churches they have involve by thesetime
    Lord bring peace to our land.
    best wish 
    Alem fanta 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000504004619 Misgana Bayetta

    Release them.

  • Daniel solomon

    please release them and red Nebiyu  Mohamed saying about Ethiopian

  • Meselemohamed

    please release our brothers from prison by the name of God and Allah

  • Akala Wold

    This practice must stop now! please please release our dear brothers and sisters in the name of the most high supreme creator of all living thing.

  • Henok

    Why people cruel I don't understand we are all human being If I would like  my life  peaceful and happy I should  think about the other people must have the same thing as like as me .Why we  don't care for others.
    Please Lets think about Everybody has The right to life there own life style means they can follow their Religion and worship their God Please Realise them they are your sister and Brother. 

  • Tilaye

    Please rease them.

  • Habtamu

    This is not the way to broaden your religion , it is the old fashion the way you have been tried the consequence is very danger. We would like to express you that in which by the name of Almighty GOD go and Free them urgently.
    Dear prisoner Christians GOD Blass you.

  • Lung

    please release our brothers and sisters

  • Benlevy

    It remains unacceptable, especially in an enlightened world that civilized peoples and those that claim Abrahamic heritage can be so brutal towards another who affirms the same with some variation. It's time to LET THE PEOPLE OF THE ALMIGHTY GO and cease being the foreign brutal Pharaoh or your share the same fate!!


    it is hard to stope peoples prayer and worship because it is related with their God and with their life .it is a life issue .puting them in prision is like cutting the branches of the tree ,if you went to try to destroy such acts you better find the root and fight with the root.Jesus said "I AM THE ROOT AND OFFSPRING OF DAVID " .

  • Aghapya

    this is not expected from one internationl, loyal big country! it is shame full at this century for saudi...to do this so. relegion is QUITE PRIVATE and is not by declaring laws in national level our law is BIBLE!

    hale luya ...hale luya ..

  • Jhon

     "Muhammad told his followers to leave for Ethiopia, where "a king
    rules without injustice, a land of truthfulness-until God leads us to a
    way out of our difficulty."
    After persecution and torture, Muhammad ordered his companions to migrate to Abyssinia. Hamza embraced Islam in 616 with Umar (the second Caliph of Islam).

  • rev. dennis gideon

    It is very important that christians in general are aware of this situation, people in new york and new jersey should be aware.

  • john

    please .......please....think what is integrity,respect&human right.there is gloval world.every person can move when ever you want.religeious act are not concerned.God or Alah or any other god can tell honest,integrity,respect,love..........but people in the world think d/t idea,bliefe .all are human being  therefore we went human right.   release them to home country peacefully .

  • john

    saudi Arabia &Ethiopia are peace from 1900a.c until now . in 1930a.c most people of Saudi Arabia migrate to Ethiopia. the goverement of Ethiopia accept peaceful &respect all. but what do you make you are ? there is in the democratic world all event can solve by rule &discation . please release ...........

  • Mola

    pls realse our brothers and sisters

  • Abut00061

    god bless our sisters and brothers to back them

  • Anonymous

    This is not fair on 21 century! we will never forget it if something bad happen to them, so be kind enough to let them free. God Bless them!

  • Love

    Please release our people. Learn from what happened to
    Egypt. Don't bring the curse on Saudi Arabia

  • Bert

    Imagine if the prophet Mohamed himself who lived in Ethiopia at the time when he was being persecuted was instead in prisoned for his belief in Saudi Arabia. Islam as we know it today would never have exsisted. Is this the way you repay Ethiopian Christians?

  • Yony

    God be with you. May God give you strength to withstand the trials and tribulations you are facing.

  • Gezahegn


    Please release the prisoners. There is no benefit that you can gain by depriving the declaration of International Human Rights which underlines " Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion" . Saudi Arabia is a civilized country in which I never & ever expect  such violation on Human Right. Please obey the minimum values of International Human Right.

  • Gezahegn


    Please release the prisoners. There is no benefit that you can gain by depriving the declaration of International Human Rights which underlines " Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion" . Saudi Arabia is a civilized country in which I never & ever expect  such violation on Human Right. Please obey the minimum values of International Human Right.

  • Zelalem Tilahun

    God 's Mercy , Grace be upon the imprisoned, the Ethiopian there in Saudi Arabia, His protection in that particular nation ( world). 

  • Welnate

    ETHIOPIA  the firest country in the world to accept musilm br.on the time of probelam and the ethiopian who arrest are nathing bad only pray for allahe to give peace free tham in the name of your god allahe .....

  • habtish

    on, habtamu:is it the one you have learned, fom jesus?
    i think you seems the horse of DEVIL AD EVIL.
    may my alimight god forgive you?
    and may my god  help our lovely brothers and sisters.

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