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Radical Muslims’ Christmas Gift To Christians: Death And Destruction

Radical Muslims’ Christmas Gift To Christians: Death And Destruction

From Nigeria to Pakistan, Security Officials Taking Measures to Protect Christians From Violence

Washington, D.C. (December 22, 2011) – Christian leaders from around the world are asking for prayers and government protection following threats of attacks during Christmas. In the past, radical Muslims and Hindus have stepped up their anti-Christian attacks during the Christmas season. There have already been reports of possible attacks this Christmas.

The rumor of possible attacks on Christians during this year's Christmas celebration is gaining more momentum. The Christians are calling on the government of Nigeria to ensure the protection of lives and properties, and we call on the church worldwide to bear up the church in Nigeria on the wings of prayer,” said a Nigerian church leader in a statement to ICC.

Last year at Christmas time, 38 people were killed in bomb attacks in the Nigerian city of Jos. Members of the Islamic radical group, Boko Haram, took responsibility for the attacks. AFP reports that pamphlets are now circulating in Jos warning of attacks this Christmas. The Nigerian security is taking the threats seriously.

Pakistan is also taking steps to protect churches during Christmas celebrations. Pakistan’s police spokesman reportedly told AFP that 2,500 police will be sent to protect churches from attacks.

Christians living in Orissa, India are also on edge due to fears of attacks by Hindu radicals. Orissa was a scene of anti-Christian violence during Christmas of 2007. More than 100 Christians were killed and over 55,000 displaced in 2008 following Hindu radical violence.

Hindu radicals are rallying on December 24th and 25th to stop Christians from celebrating Christmas. The only churches that will get protection from the attacks are registered churches. Churches which are not registered will not have the protection. Christians from unregistered churches may not celebrate this year’s Christmas at their churches,” said an Indian church leader in an interview with ICC.

Jonathan Racho, ICC Regional Manager for South Asia, said, “We are extremely concerned with the impending anti-Christian violence during this Christmas. We ask Christians around the world to pray for their brothers and sisters who face death simply because of their faith in Christ. We urge government officials in the Middle East, Asia and Africa to step up protection of Christians and their properties.”

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  • Test

    What protection? when Christianity being attacked in the US then what do you expect in other countries? it is a joke.
    Of course, in the US attacks are in different ways such as removing crosses from public and removing Christianity signs (even new coins) and forcing and intimating  people from saying the truth about the Bible specially in gay/lesiban marriage forcing law.  What are you talking about?  Americans now all are beauty sleep nowadays. 

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  • PeaceNeedsaBackbone

    Why are there no rallies in USA when Christians are being killed in different parts of the world?

  • Nicholash12

    We pray for our LORD JESUS to deliver ALL our bros,sisters in danger,persecution to be delivered,His Grace to them,us,to endure,NOT fear man only YESHUA,give His Favor to them from the judges,others holding them in YESHUA'S Mighty Name,Amen.Shalom

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