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Saudi Arabia Arrests Ethiopian Christians For “Mixing With Opposite Sex”

Saudi Arabia Arrests Ethiopian Christians For “Mixing With Opposite Sex”

Washington, D.C. (December 21, 2011)-International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that the Ethiopian Christians who were arrested seven days ago in Saudi Arabia for holding a prayer meeting are now being charged by Saudi officials with mixing with the opposite sex. In Saudi Arabia, it is illegal for men and women (non-family) to be in the same room together.

The six men and 29 women were holding a weekly prayer meeting on December 15 when the Saudi police arrested them. Christian leaders say that the accusation of “mixing with the opposite sex” is only an excuse, and believe that the Christians were arrested for practicing their faith. The Christians have not yet been brought before any court.

The Saudi officials are accusing the Christians of committing the crime of mixing of sexes because if they charge them with meeting for practicing Christianity, they will come under pressure from the international human rights organizations as well as Western countries. In fact, when an employer of one of the detainees asked for the reason for their employee’s arrest, the Saudi official told him that it was for practicing Christianity,” said a church leader from Saudi Arabia in an interview with ICC.

Asked what Christians around the world could do, another Saudi church leader said, “I ask people who belong to the kingdom of God to show their solidarity with the detained Christians by speaking on their behalf and asking government officials for their release.”

ICC’s Jonathan Racho said, “The freedom of religion, including the freedom to assemble together to worship, is a basic right recognized under international human rights law. It is ironic that Saudi Arabia, the country which engages in construction of mosques around the world, clamps down on Christians who worship in their private homes. We urge the media, international human rights bodies and others to put pressure on Saudi Arabia and condemn its actions.”

Call the Saudi Arabian Embassy in your country to express your concerns:

United States: (+1) 202 342 3800

Canada: (+1) 613 237 4100

United Kingdom: (+44) 207 9173-000

Australia: (+61) 2 6250 7000

Germany: (+49) 30 88 92 50

France: (+33) 1 56 79 4000


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  • Molenkamp-adrianus

    what the hell are those people doing in saudi-arabia????????

  • Editor

    These are the same people who finance mosques in the US. and they are members of the OIC which is trying to silence our Freedom of Speech by pushing a resolution through the UN making it a crime to blaspheme or make derogatory remarks against Islam. Nice people huh?

  • Rajesh

    Take all these Saudi idiots and put them on a space ship and send them to some remote planet far away from our galaxy.Let these morons rot 

  • mmcburney

    Hard to imagine that at Christmas we can't worship the one whose Birthday we celebrate. but that is a part of the persecution these Christians have to suffer. As their brothers and sisters in Christ we should stand behind them in efforts to support them, the very least we can do. May our Lord protect them and keep them strong in their faith!!

  • mmcburney

    If I am not mistaken we share in allowing people there to worship here!!

  • Ron

    I answer your question with a question: Is it so strange that people become followers of the Lord Jesus anywhere?

  • Brian Browne

    In Australia Muslims leaders continually say Islam is a religion of tolerance.
    The only thing it tolerates is Islam.
    Other religions are  not tolerated

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  • Rikki

    They are working.  With legal work permits.  Saudi Arabia's booming oil economy needs and welcomes workers from other countries.  Ethiopia, which is nearby, has one of the worst poverty problems in the world.

  • Sophie

    For your question 'What the hell are those people doing in Saudi-arabia????' I would say, for the very same reason you are where you are. No rush, ask yourself this question, you will find the reason. 

  • Joice

    My lord is always powerfull i belive he can do something just let pray for them.

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