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Christian in UK Demoted for Views on Gay Weddings

10/24/2011 United Kingdom (The Telegraph) - Adrian Smith, a Christian, posted in his own time a response to a news story on the Government’s plans to allow gay weddings in church.

The posting, which was only available to his friends, questioned whether the plans were “an equality too far”.

The father of two has been found guilty of gross misconduct by the Trafford Housing Trust, a publicly funded housing association, and has been demoted from his £35,000 a year managerial post to a more junior £21,000 position.


Mike Judge, a spokesman for the Christian Institute, said it is the latest case of a public servant being targeted for their beliefs.

He said an electrician at another housing association was recently threatened with disciplinary action for refusing to remove a palm cross from the association’s van.

Also people with their own companies, such as bed and breakfasts or hotels, have been threatened with legal action for expressing their views on gay marriage.

Mr Judge called for a ‘common sense approach’ that enables people to express their beliefs in - especially in the age of the internet.

“I hope this does not intimidate Christians in the public sector,” he said. “They should be free to express their views in modest way.”

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  • http://twitter.com/welshguru2 denis moon

    The question I would like answered is why did one of his 'friends' find his views so offensive as to inform his employer?

  • Mel Kizadeck

    Don't you like how he qualified how Christians can express their views by saying "in a modest way"?  As if Christ was "modest" in His approach in how He took on the religious establishment in 1st century Palestine.

    Who defines "modest"? Another bureaucrat?

  • http://twitter.com/SEHaase Stanley E Haase

    my "common sense approach" in an age of #socialmedia :"For I decided to know nothing among you except Christ and him crucified"(1Co 2:2)

  • Natalie Niamh Wright

    No one limits the rights for private worship, promotion of christian beliefs in the private sphere. However, internet, blogs, facebook and twitter are all public domains. As a public servant, a representative of an actively secular institution- secular by the law of the land, no one should not publicly publish promotion of religious opinions and values in the public arena. No one ought to utilise public assets or services to promote religious views. This is a great aspect of freedom in western democracies and ought to be defended down to the smallest detail. The public servants were correct to chastise Christians for promoting their faith using public assets and in public spaces.

  • http://twitter.com/RC_Toledo Ratio Christi Toledo

    So, basically, once you can read it, it shouldn't be allowed.  Like I've always said, "You have freedom of speech until it offends me."

    I agree that the Internet and everything on it is public, this man is
    still entitled to his opinion and should be able to express it in a
    public forum, as you may express yours.  Regardless of agreement.

    I will argue with atheists.  I will challenge their points, views, biblical exegesis, and conclusions.  But I will never say that they don't have the right to express their views in a public forum.  That's precisely why the forum is public -- so that differing opinions may be hashed out, challenged, and thought through.  Public means open to all.

    Not being allowed to express religious opinions isn't "freedom of
    speech" by any definition I can find.  It's totalitarian oppression.  I
    know that my religious opinion has no value in secular mindsets.  But, I
    ignore opinions of no value.  Secularists don't return the favor -- they try to suppress my opinion.  Why?  That doesn't make any sense.

    You are promoting the evil you allegedly repudiate, though I
    doubt you see it that way.  That's actually the saddest part to all of
    this.  Christians have as much right to the Internet as atheists.  We just haven't been as smart about using it.

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