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Muslim Radicals Kill Ten Christians In Nigeria

Muslim Radicals Kill Ten Christians In Nigeria

Islamists Fighting To Eliminate Christianity From North Nigeria

Washington, D.C. (August 8, 2011)–International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that members of a radical Islamic group, Boko Haram, killed at least ten Christians in Maiduguri, Nigeria over the past two months in what a Christian leader is calling a “silent killing” of Christians.

In an interview with ICC, an anonymous local church leader explained, “Boko Haram is seeking to eliminate Christianity because they want Islamic (Sharia) law. They don’t want to see anything Christian in the northern states [of Nigeria]. That is why churches are being persecuted and Muslims who don’t follow the [hardline teachings of] Boko Haram are also persecuted.”

Boko Haram is close to achieving its goal of eliminating Christianity from Maiduguri. Most of the Christians have fled the city in fear of further attacks by the Islamists. Of the churches that remain, some have felt compelled to suspend their services to protect their congregations.

The Nigerian government, who has also been attacked by Boko Haram, deployed security forces to quell the violence, but came under sharp criticism from human rights groups for excessive use of force and the indiscriminate killing of civilians. The government of Nigeria has now established a committee to investigate the members of Boko Haram and look into the reasons for the violence.

The church leader told ICC that the few Christians who remain in the city are praying and fasting for God’s intervention. When asked what Christians could do to help, the church leader said, “They can pray for their fellow Christian brothers and sisters in Maiduguri. [We also] ask for assistance in the rebuilding of churches that have been burned down since 2006. The government has not compensated for the loss of Christians, but it has compensated for losses that Muslims suffered [at the hands of radical Islamists].”

ICC’s Regional Manager for Africa, Jonathan Racho, said, “We welcome the deployment of the Nigerian security forces to protect innocent civilians from the attacks by Boko Haram. We also welcome the establishment of the committee to investigate Boko Haram. We call upon the committee to look into the plight of the victims and ensure that the perpetrators of the violence are brought to justice.”


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  • http://www.facebook.com/johnny.nuckels John Cassara

    Vengeance belongs to Jesus Himself!

  • Gayle

    I would like to send money but not online- Where would I mail it?

  • Anonymous

    Gayle - thanks for wanting to support your persecuted brothers and sisters! You can mail a check to our office at PO Box 8056, Silver Spring, MD 20907. If you want your gift to go to Nigeria... please make a note on the check's memo indicating such. Otherwise, you can give to where it is most needed.


  • Molenkamp-adrianus

    Then there won't be vengeance because Jesus is a dead man. There is no god, sorry.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Q7OYZGSG4KS2B3RB2O65Y77U4U Steven

    Unfortunately, you are practicing a religion that is VERY unpopular in that part of the world and wishing/hoping/believing there will be some sort of intervention from the government is, sadly, a tall order that is not likely to be filled. Perhaps you should go the highest earthly authority about the issue, I think you will have better luck with the Vatican than any local government entity. I wish you well..... -SG

  • V Smith

    Best you take your anti-God comments to an appropriate atheistic site... Although they likely won't want you, an irreverent troublemaker, there either...God rules, the big "Three-in-One" - Holy Spirit, Christt , Son -Of-God,Messiah with Him since the Beginning,Son and father of David, and the Almighty, The Creator and governor of the universe and all in it,( including the fallen angel cast out from Heaven-satan, created to serve Him, the  all ominscient, omnipotent, andloving God our Father... I dare you to pray to Christ, and ask for His revelation in your life, to show Himself, His power to you,as in line with Biblical scripture, descriptions of who He is,... If, as you try to claim He doesn't exist,  you have nothing to fear from the prayer... If He does, you will have had the scales removed from your eyes, and given a chance for salvation, eternal life, uncomrehensible grace, peace, gifts, miracles,protection, discovery of who you actually are, as one  created by Him...Go ahead, I dare you, you ignorant,  cowardly little site sniper,( who may yet change his mind and ill behavior) as result of GOD's intercession.. I dare you to ask Him to reveal Himself to you, and from my end, with or without your permission, I will ask him,  and ask others to ask Him, pray for Him to intercede in your life, and so show you the err of your ways, and His perfect and most powerful Being, as the Almighty, the Creator, since the beginning of ( His )  time., The Alpha, The Omega, the all-knowing One and only God...

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