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Muslim Man to His Christian Wife: Convert to Islam or Face Death

Man Threatens His Wife to Convert to Islam or Face Death

ICC Note

A Christian man, who is married to a Christian woman, converts to Islam to marry a Muslim woman. He then threatens his Christian wife to convert to Islam or face death.

 07/07/2011 Pakistan (PCP)-A Christian husband who converted to Islam to marry another woman is attacking and harassing his Christian wife along with his Muslim friends and pressing her to convert to Islam or get ready to die.

It is common practice among Christian men who want to marry a second woman, convert to Islam to avoid charges of Islamic adultery laws as Islam preaches and allows polygamy.

Parvez Masih son of Siraj Masih, resident of Latifabad, Hyderabad, Sindh province of Pakistan, establish relationship with another woman and to marry her accepted religion Islam.

Pervaz Masih became Mohammad Parvez and then he wanted to bring his first wife in his new home with his son.

Mohammad Parvez had only one option to put pressure on his first wife Surriya Bibi to convert to Islam with her son to stay as his second wife.

In Pakistan, Christian marriage cannot be declared null and void in any court of law without concrete evidence of adultery in any marriage partner.


After conversion to Islam, Mohammad Parvez became very powerful and intended to bring her first Christian wife as second wife.

The Muslim friends of Mohammad Parvez started harassing Surriya Bibi and forcibly attempted to kidnap her son.


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  • Faranatoor

    i have no comment but similar to the one i had read,i am a christian and converted to a muslim now,i met a muslim man who had two wives,and we had a relation for about 8 months now,at first he    often send me msgs and call me,it was before,nowadays i noticed that he now very seldom to talk to me,he always says,they meetings,busy or whatever reasons,please help me,i cant sleep because it bothered me so much

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