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Four Ethiopian Muslims Beat Evangelist To Death, Assault His Pregnant Wife

Four Ethiopian Muslims Beat Evangelist To Death, Assault His Pregnant Wife

Washington, D.C. (April 26, 2011)–International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that on April 21 four Muslims beat an evangelist to death and assaulted his pregnant wife in Worabe, Ethiopia, an area that is 97% Muslim.

The Muslims lured Evangelist Abraham Abera from Kale Hiwot Church at 9:30 p.m. telling him that his friend was sick and needed immediate attention. Abraham left with the men; they turned on him and began to beat him with rods. The minister’s pregnant wife, Birtukan, saw the men attack her husband and ran to intervene, but the Muslims beat her as well.

Abraham died on the spot and his wife, who sustained a severe head injury, was left unconscious in the street. She was found and taken to a hospital in Butajira, where she regained consciousness on April 22nd and was able to recount the details of the attack. Birtukan spoke with an ICC source and said she knew two of the attackers. She said as the Muslims were beating her and her husband, they told them, "You (Christians) are growing in number in our area. You are spreading your message (the gospel). We will destroy you."

Though Birtukan did suffer injuries to her mid-section, her unborn baby fortunately survived the attack.

The attackers still remain at large. A Christian leader in the area told ICC that the men may not be arrested because the local officials are also Muslims. “Christians in Worabe and its surrounding areas are persecuted at the hands of Muslim radicals, and the local government officials, who are Muslims, don’t protect Christians. We urge the higher government authorities [state and federal officials] to intervene and protect us,” said the Christian leader.

The brutal killing of Evangelist Abraham and the beating of his wife, Birtukan, is deeply troubling. We urge the federal government authorities to investigate this latest attack as well as reports of persecution against Christians in the Silte zone,” said Jonathan Racho, ICC’s Regional Manager for Africa.

Please call Ethiopian Embassy in your country and ask the Ethiopian authorities to bring the perpetrators of the attack against the Christian couple to justice.

Ethiopian Embassies:
USA (202) 364-1200, Canada 416 482 6637, Germany 493077206, UK 020 78383897/020 7838 3898

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  • Sue

    I respectfully encourage fellow believers to sing the petition to bring justice to Ethiopian Christians.

  • Imdtrmnd

    I wanted to print this article but for some reason, I could not copy it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1404072686 Michael Corral

    Lord Jesus! Come quickly!

  • Rmiller7000

    Why doesn't our President take a stronger stand against the persecution of CHristians???

  • Nozitsnowrinkles

    because he's a Muslim!

  • Nozitsnowrinkles

    because he's a Muslim!

  • Blue_sky8935

    hahaha u guys want to spread ur fales message in werabe area ...u guys thought u will win by spreading ur fales message ...stop laying ppls stop showing ur dirty money to change our Islams bro and sisters mind ...money can only buy this world things, but we muslims never sold our relgion by ur dirty money get off from every where other wise u will get the same result .........first of all try to read and understand ur Bible most of u don't even know what ur Bible Says are u ............stop wth Muslims cause the truth is always True .."there is the One and The Only Allah who creat every thing he never Die ....Alhamdulilah am a Muslim.

  • Bluebadal

    Press control alt and print system together, then paste on a document....
    God forgive us our sins. Lord please have mercy on us all and bring peace into the lives of Muslims who do not yet know or understand the love the flows from you. You know the hearts of men, I pray for the area of Ethiopia that is not yet christian. I pray you will open their eyes and bring peace on them. Jesus please come quickly...

  • Radmdau

    Hmmm, it's amazing that you and yours feel so small that you must try and rid yourselves of anyone unlike yourself. Christians also feel ours is the way, but we don't kill you because you aren't like us. If your brothers and sisters feel they want to be Christians, it's because they feel we have a better, and more loving message. And, God, the true God, is not Allah. Not the same thing. Perhaps YOU ought to read the Bible, which I doubt you have. You know only what you have been told most likely. But, I will pray for you - you need it. GOD Bless

  • Love4muslims

    please read the Gospel john 8 all, after that write to me personally by this e-mail "love4mus1@gmail.com"

  • Tez405

    Jesus will come like a thief at night and destroy who ever in his path

  • Nicholash12

    We pray for God's Miracles ,comfort for this lady and her child,family,friends.We pray for The LORD JESUS to protect our Bros,Sisters,Troops, and others in harms way,prison,persecution and deliver each one,give HIS Peace, Strength and Joy to them,an us,to endure,NOT fear man,ONLY our MESSIAH,JESUS,YESHUA and bring those lost,persecuting to HIM,we pray for ALL needs met,in JESUS,YESHUA our MESSIAH'S,HOLY,AWESOME,MIGHTY,SAVING, NAME above ALL names,KING of kings,LORD of lords,of ISRAEL,Amen,Shalom

  • Anonymous

    I shall pray for your soul...

  • Andreas Wetter

    The Ethiopian president Girma Wolde Giorgis is an Ethiopian Orthodox Christian.

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