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Muslim Gang Leader Terrorizing Christians in Egyptian Village

ICC Note:

Human Rights organizations in Egypt protested March 30 in front of the Attorney General’s office in Cairo demanding the arrest of Muslim police informer Ali Hussein for terrorizing the Coptic community in Minya by participating in acts of rape and by kidnapping Coptic children, Assyrian International News Agency reports. 

By Mary Abdelmassih

4/6/2011 Egypt (AINA) – Ten human rights organization staged a rally on March 30 in front of the building of the Attorney General to bring to public attention the tragedy of some nine thousand Coptic villagers living in terror since end January in the Upper Egyptian villages of Badraman and Nazlet Badraman in Deir Mawas, Minya. Rights activists and Badraman villagers were joined by attorney activist Peter elNaggar, who filed a complaint with the Attorney General against 34-year-old Muslim police informer Ali Hussein, nicknamed "Holaku" after the ruthless Mongol leader.

Hussein was accused of terrorizing the Copts, raping their wives, kidnapping their children for ransom and extortion. Attorney elNaggar said that if proven these charges are punishable by the death penalty.

Security forces were informed last January of the incidents in both villages, "but they just turned a blind eye," said Coptic activist Nader Shoukry, who publicized the story last week after registering all crimes against the Coptic villagers.

The terror started on January 28, when Ali Hussein assaulted Copt Khalil Suweiha and his family. Mr. Suweiha filed a report with the police in Deir Mawas but was forced to drop the charges after being threatened with death by Hussein and his 200-man armed gang.

Hussein then started extorting money from Copts and attacking their homes. They all had to withdraw the police reports they filed against him after being threatened.

On January 29, Hussein, broke into the house of another Copt (his name is withheld), raped his wife and mother after being restrained by Hussein's men. He was too frightened to report the crime to the police after being threatened that his children would be killed, according to activist Mariam Ragy.

Alaa Yusuf Iskandar, 30, was kidnapped and his family paid a ransom of 200,000 Egyptian pounds to Hussein to set him free. Although the family reported the kidnapping to the police, no action was taken.

Hanna Samuel had his 12-year old son kidnapped on March 8; the well to do Coptic family paid a ransom of nearly 500,000 Egyptian pounds to free their child.

According to Shoukry, "Ali Hussein has set himself up as governor of the two villages despite the presence of two village mayors. He is practicing injustice and tyranny only against the Copts in the villages. He walks between Christian homes, carrying a weapon on his shoulder, followed by his brothers and cousins and more than fifty armed thugs from outside the villages." He added that Hussein and his gang declared that they are the government of the Copts. The incidents of extortion, looting, crop destruction and kidnapping children for ransom have become so prevalent many families have left the villages as they have no more money to give him. "His despotism and tyranny reached the extent of imposing a curfew on the Copts from six o'clock in the evening to seven o'clock in the morning. Any Copt daring to break the curfew is beaten up and terrorized," Shoukry said.

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  • Peter S. Chamberlain

    Where do these thugs and rapists get their political clout? What is their connection to the Muslim Brotherhood? If this is what they are going to wind up with running a new government, everybody is in trouble. We have paid the Egyptians a fortune under earlier regimes (hired lovers, in KJV terminology) but what influence or leverage do we still he in the Muslim world? If the U. S. government even tried to intervene on behalf of Christians in Muslim countries,

  • Mr Whiteshoe1

    Cut his neck off and teach a lesson to any thug causing havoc in the world! But no forign presence needed over and over intill thier land is no longer thiers. Egypt's government is new and will have its justice system set up soon, especially if the Muslim Brotherhood governs! There will be no more stories like this going around if they are elected!

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