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Update: Ethiopian Muslims Kill Christian, Burn More Churches and Christian Homes in Ongoing Attacks

Update: Ethiopian Muslims Kill Christian, Burn More Churches and Christian Homes in Ongoing Attacks

Washington, D.C. (March 4, 2011)–International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that today Muslims killed one Christian, burned down another eight churches, a bible school, and 17 Christian homes in stepping up their attacks against Christians in Asendabo, Ethiopia.

Yesterday ICC reported that the attacks started on March 2 after Muslims accused Christians of desecrating the Qur’an. Today’s attacks bring the total number of razed churches to 13. More than 150 Christians are now without homes. The attacks have spread to the villages surrounding the town of Asendabo.

Christians are calling on the government of Ethiopia for protection. The Ethiopian government sent federal security forces but they couldn’t control ten thousand rioting Muslims from continuing their attacks.

Asendabo is a town located in Jimma Zone, Western Ethiopia. Western Ethiopia was the scene of violent attacks against Christians in 2006 when Muslims killed more than a dozen Christian and burned down several churches. The attacks forces thousands of Christians to leave their homes.

“Ethiopian officials have a responsibility to protect their citizens from attacks. It is outrageous and a violation of their obligation under international human rights law for the government to let Muslims kill Christians and destroy their property. We ask that those concerned would contact the Ethiopian embassy to express their concern and ask for government intervention,” said Jonathan Racho, ICC’s Regional Manager for Africa.

Please contact your Congressional Representatives at http://www.house.gov/  and ask them to put pressure on Ethiopia to protect the Christians.

Ethiopian Embassies:

USA (202) 364-1200, Canada 416 482 6637, Germany 493077206, UK 020 78383897/020 7838 3898

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  • Hmary88

    If it was the christians burning down mosques the English and Americian would soon step in to stop it . Wake up and smell the coffee stop this slaughter now.

  • Wad295

    concerning attacks against christians in asendabo ethiopia: please help the riot stop now,call ethiopian authorities and embassies/counsulates world wide so families and freinds can be protected.google for phone numbers.go to international christian concern web site for recent happenings.help innocent children who are on the run or hide go back to normal lfe and school.

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  • raymond

    such attack is untolerable and strongly condemn the people who are instegating those attacks on christian....any group of people who commit such violation against humanity is neither tolerated in muslim faith....such people who committed such actions are true to their faith.......islam promotes peace and tolerance not hatred and anger......those people are uncivilized and does not understand their faith .......

  • Victor_D

    Honestly, I do not care who Muslims believe they are...I know who they are. If they do not wish to believe what I believe, then don't. When it comes to burning down Christians homes and killing them and burning down our churches...My best response is that I am quite glad my God is not like yours. To respond to another commenter, their holy book "The Koran" explicitly states that anyone who refuses Islam, their head must come off. Nothing personal...just business...I happen to have a copy and study it from time to time. Their religion originates where most others originate, Ancient Babylon and Allah is not the same god as our God, it is Nimrod also known as Gilgamesh. So they do understand their faith and do what it instructs them to do when they murder Christians.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/William-Luedtke/100001254353748 William Luedtke

    You are Wrong!

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  • Rtotal_123

    The attack is spreading to the serounding districts like Tiro Afeta,Kersa and Sokoru.Innocent peoples are harshely attacked.Please suport them as soon as you can.

  • lyzy

    who do they think they are God to decide whether to kill or not? for me thats stupid and imsignificant act let christians do their job instead of helping they arent doing anything so shshshshs ok stop going angainst Gods law ok RESPECT EVERYONES OPINIONS AND BELIEVES LIKE CHRISTIANS DOES

  • Sharna ferguson




  • Sue

    Oh my goodness, this is scary stuff. We really need to pray...........

  • Meritas

    This is very sad.I guess the end is drawing near!

  • Thomasteka

    I am really sorry for those who are misplaced from their homes and being tortured hardly and I promise I pray for them ,but my concern is why the government of Ethiopia is cool, if I am not wrong our country has more than enough defense force ,but how comes the government couldn't handle the violence and also I call upon every Christians in Ethiopia, outside Ethiopia and evangelical leaders to stand and push the government to stop the violence and to provide material and spiritual needs for our brethren and sisters in the western Ethiopia. my last comment is , let us humble ourselves before God and confess our sins and return to him. persecution is there always but how is our life , are we in a right path with God or we are in our self plans? we have to ask ourselves this question and let us reconcile to Him.
    let us put our hands together !
    may God give us peace

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Oscar-Alberto-Estrada-Guerrero/100000151800358 Oscar Alberto Estrada Guerrero

    Help to stop the killing of Christians around the globe.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Oscar-Alberto-Estrada-Guerrero/100000151800358 Oscar Alberto Estrada Guerrero

    This is the 5 seal, This is because we, the Christian are away from God more and more. Example we choose a muslin for president and he hate Jews and Christians......

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