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Update on Kidnapped Christians in Yemen

Update on Kidnapped Christians in Yemen

ICC Note:

Middle East Concern gives update and requests prayer for the nine foreigners kidnapped in Yemen.

3/22/2010 Yemen (Middle East Concern) – In recent months we have requested prayer following the kidnapping on Friday 12th June of nine foreigners in Saada, north-west Yemen, three of whom were murdered shortly afterwards. Recall that those missing are a German couple, their three children, and a British man.

There have been few developments since our previous prayer request was issued on 10th January. There has been concern in recent days following the discovery of five bodies in Saada. Initially there was some concern that these were some of the missing Westerners, causing to considerable amongst their families. However, the Yemeni government has released a report with conclusions of a DNA analysis that states these bodies are the remains of Somali migrants.

In February a peace agreement was signed between the government and the Houthi militia operating in Saada province. This is an answer to one of the prayer points. Access to, and cooperation within, Saada province is improving.

Christians in Yemen thank us for our prayers. They request our continued intercession that:

a. The missing six will know the peace and presence of Jesus and will be released unharmed shortly

b. They will receive enough healthy food and keep warm during the cold nights

c. The peace agreement will endure, and greater access will benefit efforts to locate and negotiate the release of the missing foreigners

d. The families and colleagues of those missing and murdered will know the peace of Jesus amidst the intense uncertainty

e. All expatriate Christians in Yemen will know the Lord's guiding and protecting at this time, and be able to overcome fears, resulting from the uncertainty of the fate of the six

f. The perpetrators will be convicted by the Spirit and drawn to the forgiveness, love and true life offered by Jesus.

[Middle East Concern]

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