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Liberia: Rev. Conto Wants Sheik Kafumba Investigated

Liberia : Rev. Conto Wants Sheik Kafumba Investigated

ICC Note

Reverend Conton’s residence was burnt down after Muslim extremists threatened him. According to the Reverend, statement by Sheik Konneh incited the extremists to burn his house.

18 January 2008 Liberia (allafrica.com)-The Bishop of the Mission For Today Holy Church Rev. P. Manasseh Conto has expressed serious concern over a recent statement made by Sheik Kafumba Konneh on Love FM Wisdom Talk Show which he feels posed threats to him.

Rev. Conto attributed Sheik Konneh's recent statement, which according to him was made on January 6, 2008 to the arson attack on his (Conto's) residence that resulted to the house been burnt down on Thursday, January 10, 2008.

According to him, after the talk show on January 6, Shiek Konneh said in his final words that "religion is a sensitive issue, though the cold of war is over but the manufacturing of arms is still going on by the West and they are looking for a place to sell their products, and Africa is a fertile ground for them therefore we should be careful when we talk about religion."

Speaking to journalists yesterday at a press conference, Rev. Conto said that barely three days after the talk show at which time they were discussing "Who is the Comforter," his house was set ablaze by some unknown persons.

He claimed that on one occasion some Muslim guys walked into his offices in the Borough of New Kru Town and purchased some of his preaching tapes and indicated that while in his offices the fellow made a phone call asking whether they should buy all the tapes.

According to him the called party answered in the affirmative. The reverend further claimed that he has been receiving serious threats from some Muslim extremists who constantly told him that he was preaching against Islam and Prophet Mohammed and that if he do not stop, the shock will be seen.


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