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“They Captured My Father And Tortured Him…”

“They Captured My Father And Tortured Him...”

Christians Face Growing Persecution in Burma

ICC Note:

The following story is a reminder of the brutal persecution believers face in Burma .

Christian Freedom International (10/6/06) – Mae Hong Song, Thailand – Lah Yui Say, 21, was born in Burma . “I became a Christian when I was young,” Lah Yui Say, an ethnic Karen, told Christian Freedom International.

“Burmese soldiers came to our village and burned our houses down,” said Lah Yui Say.

Lah Yui Say and others pray during a graduation ceremony at a CFI Bible School .

In 2002 Lah Yui Say, along with her four sisters, brother, and parents fled Burma to a refugee camp in Thailand . “My parents were worried that my sisters and I would be raped by the soldiers. My parents heard that we could be safer and have opportunities in the refugee camp so we came here,” said Lah Yui Say.

With encouragement from her father, the following year Lah Yui Say enrolled in a Christian Freedom International sponsored Bible School for Karen and Karenni refugees near the Burma border in Thailand . Today she graduated, but the ceremony was bittersweet.

“Last May my father and two friends were coming from the refugee camp to visit me here at the Bible School . On the way they took a shortcut through Burma , but my father was caught by the Burmese soldiers; his friends got away,” said Lah Yui Say.

“They captured my father and tortured him. The soldiers cut off his legs, his arms, and his head. They put his head, legs, and arms on poles surrounded by landmines so no one could come close to his body. We don’t know why they would do this. My father was a good man; he was not a soldier, he was a Christian,” cried Lah Yui Say. “When my father left the camp, he only wanted to visit his daughter. He would have wanted to be here today.”

Lah Yui Say said, “After my father’s death I went back to stay with my mother for a month, but she decided I could come back to the Bible School .

“The teachers here at the Bible School have told me so much about Jesus and the Bible,” Lah Yui Say told Christian Freedom International. “I wanted to come here. My parents wanted me to come. I now want to work for the Lord full time. Right now I will go back to the camp and serve as an assistant in my church. As refugees we don’t have a country. We stay here as refugees.”

A Christian Freedom International Bible School outside Mae Hong Song, Thailand , serves as a beacon of hope and is training future leaders for the persecuted Karenni and Karen people of Burma .

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